May 131


Los Angeles Times FOOD BOWL will celebrate L.A’s dynamic and influential food scene while promoting social awareness about food waste and hunger.

FOOD BOWL will raise funds for selected charities through direct donations, awareness campaigns and the support of third-party charity initiatives.

We are proud to announce our Official charity partners No Kid Hungry, PATH & Food Forward.

No Kid Hungry works to shine a national spotlight on the crisis of child hunger in America, creating a powerful movement of individuals committed to bold action. We build partnerships that enlist influential individuals in the cause and advocate policy changes needed to achieve our goals.

Food Forward presents a simple solution to fighting hunger and food waste. While 1 in 6 Americans face hunger, 40% of food in this country is wasted. In just 8 years, with the support of several thousand volunteers and over 300 hunger relief agency partners, Food Forward has recovered and donated more than 32 million pounds of produce. These surplus fruits and vegetables were collected from backyard fruit trees, farmers markets, and the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market. This year, Food Forward’s nutritious fruits and vegetables will reach 1.5 million people in need in Los Angeles and seven surrounding counties. All produce is donated 100% free of charge.

PATH, founded in 1984, is ending homelessness for individuals, families, and communities. They do this by building affordable housing and providing supportive services throughout California. In the last four years, PATH has helped nearly 7,000 move into permanent homes. Their goal is to help 10,000 people Make It Home by 2020.